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Rhonda Ltd.

Company profile

Компания:Rhonda Ltd. действительный член
Расположение головного офиса:Vladivostok
Год основания:1995
Кол-во служащих:210
Контактный телефон:+7 (4232) 303 500
Факс:+7 (4232) 303 600
Почтовый адрес:Rhonda Ltd., 4, Karbysheva street, Vladivostok, RUSSIA, 690048

О Rhonda Ltd.

We provide worldclass embedded software engineering services helping more companies be competitive in this global economy.
- Founded in 1995;
- 210 employees;
- Motorola's contractor since 1997;
- International quality standards certification - SW SEI CMM Level 4;
- Listed in the ratings of the largest Russian IT companies;
- Largest software company in the Russian Far East;
- Listed in Expert RA "Largest Russian IT and Telecom companies 2007" rating;
- Located on the Pacific Ocean coast - an excellent place to serve US, Japanese, Korean and other Asian customers.

What we can offer:
- Strong expertise in embedded software development and testing services;
- High quality products and services;
- Competitive cost;
- Fast time to market;
- Smooth communication and comfortable cooperation environment.